Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What Black and white Photos mean to me.

                 Here I have collected photos from the past year and decided to share them here on my blog. No specific type of photo just black and white. Sweet and simple. When I use Black and white its to capture a emotion. I use black and white when I want the viewer (Even me) to look more into the depths of a photo. I want you to feel something more then the moment it was taken and make up your own story in your head. These photos don't need a big caption or description simply because they will speak for themselves. Black and white is my favorite for natural light and dark shadows as well.
                We will always be learning. I promise you don't need some fancy school to teach you, Its all about getting out there, Failing and trying doing what you enjoy or love. This is off topic but go try doing something new (ride a bike, Shoot photos, Draw, Paint, Write, Start a blog, Tell jokes etc.) you never know what you may be good at. You have many gifts don't let them go to waste. Good things take time and by time I mean days, months years or even decades. "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second time is now" -Chinese proverb. Stop talking about it, DO IT NOW! I don't wanna here that Manana Shit (Tomorrow) your gonna die man. Go all out fuck it why not??!??!?!?!?!? Minutes are worth more then money. Its never too late.
                Scroll down and have a look at the moments I have documented over time. Please give me feed back I like that kinda stuff. -Loco Jerms

Sunday, December 28, 2014

talk to strangers more.

        A few words from a stranger can have so much meaning that only you can understand.
    Whether strangers, friends, family or even you and me Know it or not something else speaks through us.
     In front of your eyes, the air you breath, the words you read, the numbers you see, the stars in the sky, even the clouds that pass us by, its the chill on your skin, its the most unexplainable universe known to man but,
It's quite simple.
God is in everything.....
Actually, God is EVERYTHING.
-loco jerms

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Two Loco Tricks with John Kurkowskilasowskimaloskimimimama

That one loadin dock sesh

                A few weeks back we took the kiddos around UNM and ended up skating mainly the loading dock and a few other spots. It was fun.

Who do you think go the best angle??

Homie Holidaze video edit from Dean Kubasek

I Think we all can agree Elijah Duran kills it!!!! Thanks Daniel, Andrew Lutheran and Jake Johnson so blessed to be apart of the dopest skate comp in town. -Loco Jerms

Friday, December 26, 2014

Silver Skate shop food review #2 Limonata

                      A few days ago im skating on my way for some coffee and possibly a bite to eat. Skating along silver ave. I always see these sort of random cafes and such in the neighborhood. They stand out because there next to houses and not like your average business area. I see this sign that says "BEST coffee In town" and I was like hmmm interesting. I thought about it and decided to take a step into Limonata for a taste and critiquing.

As soon as I stepped into this place I definitely felt a great friendly vibe. There is lots of open space to sit and a good amount of art to stare at especially on the outside as you walk to the front door. I was a little confused at first which door to go into theres about four doors surrounding the place.

For less then 7 dollars I got me a Vegetarian breakfast burrito (Served all day) and a cup of dark roast coffee. The one thing I found interesting about the area to put your cream and sugar was that there was no sugar? All I seen was sweetener and honey. I don't know If that was on purpose but I decided to put honey in my coffee and.......IT WAS DELICIOUS! The burrito came in about 10 or so minutes. It had a crunch and was so good honestly. At first I was deceived by the size of the burrito thinking "Im gonna eat this in three bites and still be hungry." But I took my time eating and by the last few bites I was Full!! This burrito came with Eggs, Cheese, potatoes and green chile. I liked the way they toasted the tortilla that's what made it good.

when I have my own home one day I want my bathroom just like that!! No more showers though I guess?? Or maybe shower with the plants!

Im going to Give Limonata four and a broken in half board out of five skateboards for this review. Overall it was a great environment, The food was very good and yes I agree some good coffee. I haven't tried enough coffee spots in town yet to say its the best but very good. Next time I will have to try there Cripes! Limonata is located on the corner of Silver and Wellesley in the Nob hill area of Albuquerque, NM.  -Loco Jerms