Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dont fight the universe

         I didn't have a chance to update yesterday but it was a wild one. Of course I rode my usual bus towards unm to handle some business. On the bus I met some great artists so next time you meet drunks on the bus think twice before judging them.
       Lifes path had me and this guy "Stray" run into each other. Long story short he's Traveling to south America with just hope and faith. He just found out he has to leave the country illegally due to his passport. He asked me if I knew where to find Buddhist prayer beads and we walked and talked all the way to UNM. 3 days ago he got off parole and the day he was able to leave he LEFT! "it was that or be a homeless on the streets of Denver." This guy is down to earth with so much knowledge and peace. Did I mention he learned how to do that from being in prison for 4 years. "It was learn how to meditate and read or fight....."  P.S hes in the purple
                                                                      Enjoy peace and love.

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