Sunday, January 19, 2014

when i was your age..

            Honey check it out you got me mesmerized . yesterday was all sorts of things ill sum it up because I could feel up a page. I first went to old town for a walk, went and skated. The night came and I met Sadge at this place called wagon wheel where there was a show and lots of jamming. The moon was high in the sky and I headed to my friend Sara's House warming party and ate some very unique cookies that changed everything. so scroll down enjoy
                                                                           Peace & love

"try to get a picture of him its hard hes so black"

                                                                  wagon wheel

guy on the left "I had no idea I was going to be in that picture"

IT was getting LIVE


                                                            Sara space kittens house warming party

Sara and I

Sara took some pictures of her princess cave

and took this one.

 Brian-"I was born to keep fighting"

                                                              "family portraits"

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