Thursday, February 27, 2014

A lot of people look at me like??

            picture this.... Im sitting on the floor day dreaming and picking my nose and writing this. Now your gonna have a great day just Because you pictured my moment of happiness.

"So you come here and goof around?"

"Can you smoke out here?"

 "Oh just being here"

"Being the light in the dark....Art.. Things I cant hold, Waking up and being better. Its really our choice."

Vince is the king

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"Im from New York I just finished my masters degree"
(Some random guy walking past)
"congratulations man!"
What makes you happy?

Thanks for taking the killer photos of me Annie

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


The little boys room

            Me and Annie "Cheese fries" Wanted to get creative but just couldn't figure it out... Luckily Annie is up for whatever so we adventured into the boys bathroom and snapped a few pics and had a good time. Enjoy

Monday, February 24, 2014

i heard em say

            you know what? I really love people especially ones that smile.

"Im from Colorado...... A hobby of mines is meeting random people"
What makes you happy??
"That's a very broad question"

Jessica, Stephanie and Angel
"were just going to go check our mail"

What makes you happy?
"My bike and God."


Alex- "We gotta skate some time bro"

me - could I take a picture of you guys?
(Click click)
(walks away real nervous)

Connor and his girl

Kaleem "Im free running"

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Thug life

      Yall know the rules gotta do what you gotta do. Yesterday was just lovely and it felt like I was tripping real hard on drugs but then I realized im high on life.     Enjoy

I didn't get this kids name but pure Conscious for sure. 

Z-RO was participating in the Harlem speech's yesterday at unm.
I asked what makes him happy?
"Being black!"

John said wassup

Calvin knew what was up.
What makes him happy is Life, love and being a good person.

They can never take the game from a young G

Annie showing off her mysterious shine

"You are favorite in the stars"


pop tardssss

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Only time will tell who dies

rappers go broke trying to keep up with me.

              Ive stood at the gates of hell and stood at the gates of heaven. Id tell you this, once you go in one theres no backing down. My photos explain this day well, my words only control your mind. Live life to the fullest and fuck surviving.         Enjoy

Moises and Derek

"I LOVE skating this spot between classes its so fun"
Couldn't agree more Alex

Alfeey "You wanna get a picture of my hair?"
and Beefy Brad Phillabar chillen

Miss Amber Making Hieroglyphs


Madam Everi and Sir Miii

Building our empire

This shit is wicked and we hypnotize these minds.

Our souls are possessed by the light.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

since im blown

          Let me flex this...........Once upon a time there was a lion. His whole life he was taught to be a duck. Anyway the Lion found out he was a lion and fought for his right and became a lion and lived happily ever after... Yesterday was then and this is now but this is dust from the day that dawned on the 18th of February.    Enjoy

I wanna be a rockstar

Me and Carlos ran into each other on yale and started talking about Breaking Bad.
"Yeah Jesses house is right down there have you seen it?!"
What makes you happy?
"Seeing my family happy and......... Good food!"

Motel, Hotel, Holiday Inn

I spy with my little eye, A Taurus.

I seen Gracias at first but now I see Garcias.... Oh well I see Gracias

Markey, Sara and sonya

I call this one "Sara about to cross the street"

Can you ride?