Tuesday, February 4, 2014

i see Gold.

God helped me change.... You are SOOOOOOOOO privileged. fingers are frozen numb so ill let the pictures explain...
Doyle changed my life. "Once you leave mama bear you cant come back!!"

Doyle (Right) and his friend Had so much energy!! great friends

Tom and his dog Dave looked killer. "peaceful moments"

This is Cody and Christopher (right.) Bane is the dog on the right and Rango is On the left.

I live life like the captain of a sinking ship

I think we can call this one......Living on the edge of a puddle

Annie cruised along today

when some says yes I can take their picture that makes me happy.
"Being in a warm place."

ET phone home

Chile got photo bombed

Mike 5050 wallie. Tom on the documenting tip

Rumor (Truth) has it that those mountains open up. whats inside? time will tell 

Morris and Carl Came to the top of the structure to see the golden sunset.

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