Wednesday, February 19, 2014

since im blown

          Let me flex this...........Once upon a time there was a lion. His whole life he was taught to be a duck. Anyway the Lion found out he was a lion and fought for his right and became a lion and lived happily ever after... Yesterday was then and this is now but this is dust from the day that dawned on the 18th of February.    Enjoy

I wanna be a rockstar

Me and Carlos ran into each other on yale and started talking about Breaking Bad.
"Yeah Jesses house is right down there have you seen it?!"
What makes you happy?
"Seeing my family happy and......... Good food!"

Motel, Hotel, Holiday Inn

I spy with my little eye, A Taurus.

I seen Gracias at first but now I see Garcias.... Oh well I see Gracias

Markey, Sara and sonya

I call this one "Sara about to cross the street"

Can you ride?

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