Monday, February 10, 2014

what do you want with your world?

                   I was to use to packing gats and stuff....... Heres some photos from the past 3 days I believe.  Enjoy
Manuel mike and chile posing for me. ART

Andre is always on it

Derek on the grind

Lil lamar

This is "Big" Jeremy and his family. Its crazy seeing this long time friend since kindergarten...... we have come a long way since the play ground. 

I made a deal with them, Ill let you take a picture of me skating if I can take a picture of you two....
Worked like a charm

Ken- "you need to step your pimpin up"

Me "Hold on your dogs not looking!"

Alex looked so dope!!
I asked what makes you happy??
"umm.., Science."

My relatives in the sky..

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