Tuesday, February 18, 2014

whenever you call me

       Ill be there............ yesterday I ran into Jordyn at the duck pond and had a great talk. Later on I met Juan and we decided to go see what this "I love Female orgasm" was about and ended up being a great presentation and lots of people showed up! enjoy

Jordyn-"As long as you stay a student you will keep growing."
What makes Jordyn happy is Dancing, being around positive people, expression through art and seeing people follow/ chase dreams.

Jordyn showing me her moves.

It was packed.

Local Celebrity Don was there.
"I came last year and it was absolutely excellent." 

Me and Juan got our share of "I love female orgasm pins" and lots of usb drives and some other goodies out front.

Maggie was one of the presenters. She actually lives in New York city and travels the country doing these I love female orgasm seminar/Presentations. It was fun helpful info. 30 percent of women don't achieve there peak, which isn't fair because every guy does. The information they provide is to benefit females and males so girls can fully experience the greatness they deserve. 

"What are these pictures for!?!"

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