Thursday, March 6, 2014

when you see me in your town say wassup

            Roll around say wassup.

"Im trying to manuel to feeble to manuel... 360 out.....right here for you!"

What makes you happy?
Maria (left) "Seeing others smile"
Isabel "Music"

"come on Knuckles Paulo"

Camillo (Father) and Paulo (son) were riding around it looked so awesome!
What makes you happy?
"Hanging out with my boy"

"Wait whats this for?!"

"We literally almost got ran over by an ambulance!"
What makes you happy?
Jeremy-"I don't know......Starbucks!"
Judy-"Traveling and seeing new things" 

"I am UNM"

I chased this guy down!!
I got the pic and asked Doc what make you happy?
"Hmmm that's a philosophical question hold on........ Doing good and seeing others do good that brings joy."

Miles was strolling around playing this instrument Ive never seen!
Its called a Ngoni.
what makes you happy?
"This" (Pointing to his Ngoni)

Joe and Ben were living in the moment.
What makes you happy?
"Being able to re live my child hood through him"

Me-Can I take a picture of you Ben?
"No im riding right now"

This made me cry. It makes me happy to know there's still good dads out there.
a lady on the side was cheering on little ben
"Go ben!"

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