Sunday, August 31, 2014

Lucid Luis

      Over a course of a few weeks I shot two sets of photos with Luis. Hes definitely a chill homie and also a fellow Photographer. Check him out on Insta @Lucid.Luis Enjoy -Loco Jerms

-What makes you happy?
"Im not Quiet sure, But im ok with that."

Bum Bangin with...Marcos and Ray

Friday, August 29, 2014

"Things happen for a reason." Story Time with AjnaGyptian

Ajna Gyptian Shoot.

     I met Missy a few months ago at Roosevelt park for this party they do there once a year I believe. She was definitely one of those people who caught my eye and made me wonder "Who the heck is that?" So we talked a bit and I snapped a pick of her hooping. Since then we've gone back in forth about a shoot and finally the right time came.

-Lets start with a few questions Missy.
 -How old are you?
-Where are you from?
-ok, Whats some hobbies of yours?
Hooping, traveling, and reading Esotericism (I had stop her half way through to see how to spell that.)
-What is your favorite places to travel to?
California and Colorado!
-Whats your favorite thing about music Festivals?
All of it!! you can be whoever you want to be, its judgment free and it brings people together.
-Whats one thing in the world you would change?
To end wars.
-And last question, What makes you happy?
A lot of things! music, people and.....cats.

We started out the shoot by Putting some music on with my phone and Missy Hooping. Shooting her hoop reminded me a lot of shooting a skating photo, Its really all about timing and getting that moment where it looks best. As she hooped I danced around trying to snap that moment as best as I could. And then proceeded to venture around.

I actually pulled a stick out of my hair a few days after this.

We ended up coming across these Stained glass windows, Which was really awesome. I thought it complimented how colorful she is.

"A cockroach ran over my foot." 

Catching grasshoppers


 You'll see more in the future. Accept opportunities and obstacles as they come they will all lead you where your supposed to go. -Loco Jerms

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Haunted Fields

         Its dark, The stars are out and the light in the sky is from the Moon. I ended up at a empty stadium only to hear footsteps and shivers on my skin. The creepiness brought enjoyment to me. Taking photographs has helped me see something new everyday, Whether I document or not. Life is special. What if this is our only chance at life? How will you make your impact on humanity and future generations? What can you do to inspire it? How can you grow more spiritually? What steps must you follow to live the life your heart desires? Think about it because were flying through outer space further and further into the "Future."
       Here's a few photos I snapped from that night. Explore the unknown and never back down from darkness. You Carry the most brightest light this planet has ever seen. -Loco Jerms

I don't know what the fuck that is.

Capital H

All through the seats is where i could hear footsteps as if a crowd was there with me Cheering me on to do what i love.

I Laid on the artificial grass, looked towards the stars and felt free.

This is where i seen woofy.

Sunday, August 24, 2014


      3 am, I was alone and ended up at this new football field in the middle of nowhere. I didn't know what it was until I got inside. As I was leaving in the distance I see a animal walking towards me fast....Now recall "Middle of Nowhere" meaning theres all sorts of wildlife so the first thought to my head was...... "Fuck it im about to be dancing with wolfs" So I can finally live up to all my wolf patches (If you know my obsession) so I looked at whatever it was and just kept walking casually to show it I had no fear. As im walking I look back and....ITS RIGHT BEHIND ME PANTING! Turns out its actually a Pit bull. I stopped and kneeled down and it came right to me and licked my hand. This dog and I had a talk and he followed me wherever I went.. It followed me to the car, Gave "Woofy" some water. He jumped in the car and I felt horrible because I could not take him home....

        Next night my mom told me about this dog they picked up on the side of the road DESCRIBING WOOFY. I showed her the photos and turns out he was here at my house in MY Garage a few hours before I seen him.
    -mom "It was like he had to be somewhere so I had to let him leave."

      Miles away from my house me and the same dog meet. Now I don't know what to think about this but....I believe the Dog was a spiritual ancestor because we exchanged knowledge and experiences together.... Whatever it was, it was special and I hope to see him again one day. -Loco Jerms


Tower Bangin with...Henry Vidaca

Friday, August 22, 2014

Eyes gettin Hazy

        A few weeks back I bumped into the homie Brain fiend downtown. It was during summerfest and the sun was going down quick giving me very limited time of lighting left to take photos and I just got there! so I suggested we go up high and get some photos. When your following the path of light and truth the Creator, God, Allah, Jah, Universe, whatever you prefer to call the one above will Take you wherever he wants to take you. So just go with the flow, never stop praying and believing.
For I will always keep you safely in my hands -Loco Jerms

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some of my art.

       To me art is beyond a painting. To me art is everywhere. ART IS SHARING. It is the visions and words in my head and when I create them whether its through skateboarding, Photography, filming, writing, making clothes, Painting, writing graffiti or even just admiring Gods creations...that is a part of art to me. Expressing my self is art. When I choose the clothes I put on in the morning whether they are colorful or all black is a symbol of how I was feeling at that exact moment. I could go on and on about how obsessed I am with anything that involves creating....So I took a few photos of some art I made laying in my room.
          Everyone is a artist but it takes a open mind and self acceptance to unlock the gift. Don't second guess your self and just jump into whatever you want to create and BE. It doesn't have to be perfect, It already is when its made by you. -Loco Jerms

        I seen this brick layout wood thingy for months along the bike path I take. Never budged!! So finally I said "If its there the next time I pass by im getting it and making something with it." What this reads is apart of the Moral ABC's Taught by Abraham, Israel, Moses, Buddha, Hillel, Jesus, Spinoza, Paine, Sagan, Mohammed and many more through out the 6000 years of existence.
"Listen children eternal father, Eternal One."

This is my Door. Its been about two sets of working on and i don't know if its done. Some times you have to be the inspiration to your self and that's what this door reflects for me. Every morning I wake up and see all these words..Now what this does for me personally is it makes me become and live by whatever it says. Some times i shut my light off and let the my hand just flow across the door... Sounds crazy but i ended up creating symbols that i cannot tell you what it is...I believe it be similar to hieroglyphs. 

 The happy tree is a self portrait of me. I am simply a tree. I am growing imperfectly perfect with the creator daily. In my Happy Trees or other HAPPY characters usually if you look close there will be inspirational words within it.
"Be the bark of the Tree..Not to high nor too low."

To the left is a Picture i painted with a vision and came out COMPLETLY different. What it represents to me is my Outer space journey when my soul leaves my body. Expressing that I AM FOREVER and WE ARE ONE. I realized that the planet i drew was Saturn. i didn't intend that. Saturn Brings meaning and structure to our life, Saturn can also be a depressing theme. Saturn reminds us of our boundaries and responsibilities..It brings definition to our life. Now the Happy tree on the right......That ones a scary story and a unfinished piece.

Like i said Art is everywhere. This is right in front of my work space. Now where it says "Knowledge lives here." Is a torn page from the dictionary with the word impossible ripped out of it. The news paper piece i Put a "I" over the "WE", Now reading I aim not to please. The colors you see on it are from a left over Tie die kit from urban out fitters.
This last one here.....Well it is what it is.