Wednesday, September 17, 2014

8 Reasons you should have a journal.

           Im going to keep this as simple as possible. A journal is a very old fashion way to document your life to me. Everyone is documenting there life on these social networks now, which is cool I suppose but it just gets shoved down a web and really just looses meaning (To me at least). The thing to me that makes a journal special is that it ages very well similar to photographs and wine. Can you imagine finding your grand parents journals from when they were young how unique that would be and even feel!?

A label on one of my recent journals.

  1. Now You see a journal does not judge you. It simply just listens. Its not going to talk back and tell you some shit for being crazy, Depressed, Happy, Weird, Perverted, troubled it doesn't CARE! Its probably the best form of counseling for a individual.

  2. There are NO RULES to a journal. Its not going to be a teacher and tell you "YOU cant do that" or "Your writing skills are not College level." Things ive been told in the past. When I first started writing in a journal I didn't even know how to end a sentence. Can you imagine pages of never ending sentences!?

It doesn't have to be just writing, It can be a place to express your mind. Some times I like to make doodles.
A couple journals that were under my bed. (THERES STILL MORE.)
3. Once its written, its forever. (Unless it starts on fire) For me I have a poor memory. I may have this really awesome idea or plan for the moment then BOOM its gone in the depths of my mind. Writing down ideas Makes it stick. It makes it that much more real rather then talking about it. You can also go back, Reflect and make corrections.
im still keeping my Gems secret at the moment.
4. Document your life!! You know one of the most beautiful things about being a human is our emotions. Yeah it can be hard at times but some of the most beautiful things can be created in the darkest times. Write down your problems, write down your feelings, Write down your days! Its funny to look back at my old journals. I could see my low points and really be like "Wow ive came a long way from that moment."
5. Writing develops your brain. Now I don't have the research to prove that but that's what it has done for me. How? It makes me think. It makes me wonder. It makes me have no limits. It makes me into a author. It makes me a poet. You know things ive never intended. It unlocks a different part of your brain.
6. If your a loner you know, just one of those kids who don't fit in, its meant for you. I started writing because I didn't have many "friends" in school and I didn't feel like I fit in anywhere. I had Lots of issues and things hurting me (Still do and im not ashamed of it). I had no one to talk to so, I picked up a pen and paper and that's when it all began.
7. I know this can be scary for some but not for me. Its a place for your loved ones to go when you die. Were all going to die and you cant run away from it. Honestly its one of the most beautiful things we can experience next to birth. This may be off topic but I personally feel inside that I can die any day and my insides say its going to be early..So Its ok to express those types of things in a journal. Shoot I want people to know what to do with me when im gone you know?
8. Lastly, Having a journal changes you....In a good way. To me its a personal way of communicating with my higher self. We all have voices, But it does take practice to develop that voice. Write and speak because there is something very important that YOU have to say. Also be sure to share your writing with others, The best way to grow is to get feedback.
Thank you so much for reading. -Loco Jerms
"In every creative act, empowers other creative acts." -Alex Grey


  1. Yess, so glad you're into journaling. I compulsively write things down when I'm healthy. Thanks for sharing. <3

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, It means so much especially from YOU!!!