Friday, September 12, 2014

Burning down a pond

       Afew weeks ago on my cruise through unm I ran into some friends. You may see Ben n Drew around playing music from time to time. They really do some uplifting every where they go. They are people magnets! It is very inspiring, most the time the people they are with they just met or met previously through playing there music on the streets...As a matter of fact that's how I met them!
Heres a little taste of a day with them.

We all decided to come to the duck pond. They proceeded to do there Ritual Ganja burning.

 That's Ben Blowing the smoke out. He plays the drum insane. Full passion and uses his voice with a hip hop flavor to the rhythm..It is DOPE!

This is Brian. I haven't seen him in months. We Met at a friends house and he happened to be one of the first people I read my writings/Journal to. He gave me some of the best and simplest advice that has helped me up to this day. "You just gotta find your flow, Say it out loud over and over till it feels right."


Mickey D I just met, Hes a traveler from Florida.

Rachel was traveling along with Mickey D. P.s I made that hand bag right THUR!


Observe the size of the circle here.

Some more friends came to join.

That's Andrew on the left. When this Guy plays he puts out this frequency of just pure love even in his voice. Him and Ben are sure one good combo.

          You know what makes something spiritual? When people come together only to share love. It didn't matter what any of our beliefs were or are and it didn't matter the color of our skin. The most special thing we can do as human beings is set the looks and beliefs aside and just love one another. Thanks for viewing you are a beautiful soul and don't let anyone tell you less. If this was your last day on earth what would you do with it? because it may possibly be -Loco Jerms

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