Sunday, September 21, 2014

Climb Over Mountains

            A week or so ago I was craving a escape. I didn't no where to go. As I was outside I was starring at the mountains and then I heard a voice say "Come to me" So I went that way. I ended up Skating around Tijeras and it reminded me of my friend Sidney so I hit her up! During that time she showed up and actually just listened to me talk. Like really listen like a passionate human being (we also had a fun skate sesh). Its something I needed so much so if you see this Sid, I am sending blessings your way. We ended up meeting with Angela and Lyss. The night was dark and we ended up on top of the crest.

As we got to the top There was a cool breeze and a fog over the lights, It was breath taking.

                 We proceeded to walk and I played around them as they were taking in the view.

        Angela is far left, Lyss is in the middle and on the Right is Sid.            

       Lyss insisted that we look up. I had to stop everyone from trooping to really sit and admire the view.

                                                           Picking Flowers.

            We stopped, sat on the floor and stayed silent in darkness. I like when I don't have to have deep talks with people to have a connection. When we can sit and be one with each other, That's special. Its the most beautiful thing when the words in your head disappear and all there is the sound of nature. Im addicted and hope to go wander more in nature soon, that's where I am most free. But hey natures every where if you just stop and stare for a moment right? -Loco Jerms

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