Monday, September 15, 2014

Dancing with the moon.

          Over the past month I kept finding my self looking at the moon more then usual and I thought it was in a cool spot so of course id take a photo of it. I held on to the photos kind of forgetting I had them and realized I had little hand full of them.... In these photos you will get a taste of how I see the world in my imagination. Enjoy

  I found something amusing about seeing the moon directly above flying star.

      As I was riding my bike through the sun setting I stopped to admire the art and right above there it was. "BELIEVE" and props to the artist who got up.....That SHIT IS NO JOKE you can fall off the bridge and die. Thank you for writing something positive.

    A friend of mine actually pointed out the moon being out and above the weeping willow tree and INSISTED I take a photo. The moon didn't pop as much as id like so I decided to cover the sky with them.

    Why Did I put a arrow pointing up? hhmmm Id like to think I made the moons into a arrow because That's the only way to go when your down right?

    At this moment I was sitting on my bike having a conversation with a burning bush. When I finished I looked up and there it was.

If you stare at this one long enough youll start seeing spots.

I call this one "Spirits in a material world"

I think the fair was two dollars that day and that water dunk tank dude that talks shit to everyone said to me "Sooner or later those pants are going to be a quilt." I kicked his ass that some bitch!!!!! kidding

I see like the death star from star wars and those are some space ships here to save us!!

                                                           Thank you for viewing my series of moon photos. Peace and do what makes you happy. -Loco Jerms

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