Monday, September 8, 2014

Finding your self inside a cave.

         Over the past weekend I found myself deep in a cave with Juan, Nick and ubel. I got a text Saturday morning from Juan saying something about this cave. HELL yeah im down. You know every chance I get to explore, be in nature, a different town or city you better count me in! Here are a few of the photos I captured that day. Enjoy and have a beautiful day -Loco Jerms

Whos down to grind the rail? any takers??

The stair way up to the cave looked very interesting.

The entrance was a little sketchy, Where this hole is was a fence that some one cut out. So im not sure if your supposed to go in or what? And I started to wonder what the F#$* we were getting our selves into.

A warm welcoming by the previous cave men. "Welcome home."



Lots of breaks were required.

The amount of dust flowing around in there was insane. Is there a term for having dirt stuck in your lungs??

Ubel crawling back from the end alive.

  Juan also made it out alive.

WE MADE IT OUT ALIVE. Its insane to walk out back to the light, Something about it just gave me this great feeling of accomplishment. I mean it was pitch black in there. We walked in the cave in the day light and to walk out to the sun going down was very a unique thing.

I think at this moment Nick was thinking..."That lil fucker"

Until next time who knows where the universe will take me next. Thank you Juan, Nick and ubel for the awesome time. Everyone else reading thank you and go see the world. peace.

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