Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting food by faith

      Oh isn't that such a cheesy title. You know something is strange about us humans, its like we can sense struggles, pain, hunger etc. in others. As I was leaving UNM today a group of friends I bumped into offered me the rest of their food...(In white boxes) and it made me feel so good. I didn't ask for the food and I wasent exactly starving at the moment but I knew that it was a blessing. I believe that something out there is watching over me and you.. Whatever you believe or don't believe about a God above I know that every time Im about to fall and hit the floor some thing or some one sweeps me right up.
          Back to 2 years ago I was at home alone quite often. We were running low on food and the last I mean LAST thing to eat was this piece of chicken. I was forcing my self to starve through out the day so I would have that to eat for dinner. As im laying on the floor crying, you know just being really bummed that it was like that at the moment and I proceeded to beg God for some help. In my room I had a bunch of old envelopes from my graduation party. I looked at them and said to myself
"What if there was one envelope that I missed?"
       I then scattered through the envelopes looking (But not really expecting) and then......I found one sealed. IT WAS LIKE I FOUND THE GOLDEN TICKET TO WILLIE WONKA!. Now it wasent guaranteed what was in it so I remained calm. In that envelope was exactly 20 dollars! Twenty fucking dollars..... I fell to the floor, cried and screamed in joy "Thank you God, Thank you!!!"
      I went down the street got me bread and peanut butter and JELLY! Now that is definitely the starving artists meal.
      I know this is a crazy way to put it but were really fishes living in a bowl. Think about the fish....It swims around Barley seeing whats outside but not really understanding it and not really understanding wear exactly the food comes from. Same thing with us but in a bigger perspective. We Walk around on this earth, some how some way always having something to eat (Even if its the same thing or out of trash cans) We see outside to the universe but really don't exactly understand what is out there. There is something whatever you want to call it, it loves you and me very much.
         Why im sharing this story? Im not exactly sure why but I feel like im that old grandparent who has tons of stories to tell. If you've read this far thank you!
                                                                  Were all one, Or none -Loco Jerms

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