Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Series of flashed photos

                 Ive always been so interested by photos that used a flash. The look it gives and the colors are very unique. Although I mainly enjoy using natural lighting I thought id play around with the flash and honestly get more practice with it. Over about a month or two Id fire the flash at something I thought would look good. This is not my normal style of photography so it is nice to get out of my comfort zone. enjoy the Randomness -Loco Jerms

                                                                 "Floating Van"

          I call this one "Kitty Kat Mansion"

                                                                       "The Angel"

                                                            "The NO key YAH!"

                                                               "Trapped in Space."

                I have no idea who those kids are..... I feel like one of their names is Justin I don't know exactly why? Maybe I'm psychic.

                                                                   "The Legend" I have a strange sense of humor.

                                                          "Where's all my friends?"

                                                           "The free Pizza"


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