Friday, September 19, 2014

Seven most inspiring people I've met so far in my life.

        Over the course of about a year taking photographs I've met some interesting people. I get asked the question a lot how do I meet these people? Honestly I just put my self out there. I put my self outside in the streets, I put myself where people are and I just let God do the rest. There are many people who inspire me but these are the top ones that influenced me internally who I am! I hope as much as these people changed and helped me can do the same for you. Please scroll down and take a read.

    I'm sure if you live in Albuquerque you've seen Don around. The first time I met Don I walked with him, we were talking but the most interesting thing I noticed as we were walking was all the people he humbly said hello to. It was like I was walking with a movie star. "Don!" back to back people would call him and he was so polite and nice to go out of his way and have a talk with every one. This guy really has a beautiful heart and is very political. He cares very much about his community more then anyone ive ever met!

    This is Doctor Dave. Talk about ENERGY, joy and humor. I spotted a very interesting character. I walked next to him and he actually started the conversation. I ended up walking with him to the duck pond at UNM as he was looking for some weed to buy (From someone he never met lol.). This guy was just so happy and wasn't afraid of life or who he was. This guy lives life to fullest! As this was one of the most special days ive experienced so far. After we took some photos him and his lady took me to out to eat pizza. It was so awesome.

     This is Stray Cat. Let me tell you one thing about Stray Cat....He does not give a fuck and he has nothing to loose! As me and him bumped into each other I asked where he was heading, his reply "South America" HOLD  up WHAT!? He just got off of parole as he was an ex con in prison for 4 years I believe? The day he got off of parole he left Denver! He said "It was either I leave or be homeless in Denver." He lost everything friends, family, loved ones due to his prison sentence. "In prison you either learn to fight or meditate" he chose meditation. I keep in touch with him on facebook and he ended up getting to south America! although he had to cross the border illegally and do some Gnarly shit he is finally some where in South America safe, working, living the life he truly deserves. I hope to make a movie/Book about Stray Cat one day.

     Karlos is dam FUCKING inspiring. This guy is from Canada. He was sitting in this spot so peacefully writing. As we talked I showed him around took some photos until he had to meet up with a friend later on. As we were talking he was telling me how easy it is to travel around the U.S. with little and even no money. He lived in a broken down school bus in the forest. As he travels to escape the cold winters in Canada he goes around the country visiting friends and family. One of the most important things Karlos told me was this "You really don't need anything." Now as he said this he kept looking at my camera. Over time I always wondered why but now I know. I don't need anything even my camera or this computer. These are all material things that have no real value. I use these as tools to share my life with people because I know there is something important to share, But if I loose them I will keep living life. All you take with you on the other side (Heaven) is your Mind and spirit. No clutter is allowed.

      Ryan is fully in love with Christ. Ryan is From Philly but was traveling to Dallas for two weeks. Through his trip he had a talk with God and Deep down in his heart he had to travel across the country to get closer with some girls because he was about to get married to the love of his life! He didn't look like the average traveler, Just a tiny rolling duffel bag with 40 bucks in his pocket going to Los Angeles. It was one of the most insane things ive seen. I asked him how he did it?! He replied "I just trust that Christ will provide all my needs every day." You know what else was crazy! Every day he had food to eat and a safe place to sleep. He never had to dig in a trash or sleep outside as most travels would resort to. He showed me what having faith in Christ does, He proved to me how important Christ is. He also showed me a great way to read the Bible, Just flip it open to random pages and look for a verse that pops to you. "Its living and breathing text, It speaks to you." He did make it to his destinations and is back to his home.

       Maybe you heard of Mike Giant. He's a artist from Albuquerque who is currently apart of the Brand Rebel 8. He doesn't live in Albuquerque but stopped by to do a meet and greet. I waited for every single person to finish talking to him so I can have my moment with this guy. I asked him what makes you happy and he replied "Being deeply in the woods." He then went on talking about his Buddhist spirituality to me and it was so inspiring. "You really don't need anything. When your doing Gods work people will take care of you." This guy is very famous in the Art world but those words coming out his mouth expressed how humble he is.  This guy does not care about money. He actually said hes trying to make less!!
      Jones is a angel I believe. I run into her time to time around town. I was at the duck pond and across I see some one put a very large turtle in the pond! I left and next thing I know I was walking next to her. She just started singing and made me feel very comfortable. It was like we knew each other for years! Her spirit is so free. She is very passionate about politics, spirituality and sharing her knowledge with people, She even met the Dalai Lama. She sure has a voice I tell you what, its like going to Broadway show when she sings. She does stay on the streets but I really hope to see her some where steady one day because she truly deserves a break from this craziness.
     Thank you for reading. These people are very beautiful and so are you. I hope that these people have impacted you as much as they impacted me. Have a beautiful journey and follow your heart. -Loco Jerms

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