Friday, September 26, 2014

Skating the rail yards

                 Over the past week I got hit up by Juan your mom about bringing a flat bar to the abandon train station to skate. Sounds like a dam good idea to me! So I headed my ass on over there. They showed up and we  all climbed up to the second floor where the grounds a bit smoother and made some magic happen.

       We got to work and started sweeping the dirt outta there! I felt like a dust ball by the time I got home.

                                                                     Andre Bs Feeble

                                                                        Chile Nollie lipslide

                                                                          Moi with a crooky monster!

                                                                    That's a dirty bathroom.

                                           Carlos getting the crooks in.

            Some guy yelled at us and told us to leave. As we were approaching him he took off running scared like a lil bitch....Just kidding but he got freaked out. Id be freaked out to if a gang of skaters were approaching me in some sketchy place.

                  Andres Girlfriend took a good portrait of him.
          Thanks Moi for the amazing idea and bringing the rail!!!

             Getting up was hard but getting down could be a little more difficult.

                   Ozzy Dolphin runnin to the sesh.

            Tristan getting first dibs on the new spot with a buttery boardslide.

                   Ozzy holdin on to that front board!

The sun went down, it got dark and we packed up. No cops came and we left with what we came to get....A fun skate sesh. Cant wait till the next ones homies! -Loco Jerms

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