Saturday, September 27, 2014

Trooping SoHo New york City

                        I have photos that are so precious to me I don't want to share them, I just want to save them forever and let them get old and beautiful. I feel the art is about sharing at some point because what's the use of them if no one ever sees them right? This day I remember we decided to troop around Soho NYC and explore. This day was very interesting, although I would say every single day in that city is.

              We were skating and suddenly passing this alley this guy was playing Street golf or something! Hitting Milk cartons with his head phones on and in his ZONE. Dude was totally doing what made him happy. He didn't care who was watching he was just putting all his passion into it. It was absolutely inspiring.

           We honestly just kicked back for a moment and just watched. Theres honestly no point to be inside when your in that city. Seeing life and humans doing there thing inspires me.

         As we were walking over to the right Rafael spotted this door way. In there was this stairway COVERED in art. Its crazy because I believe it was a office building, it was beautiful. Curious little monkeys Nicole and Vince walk up some ways and find a door leading to the top which was actually propped open with a brick.

              Then we went on the Roof...

                  I suggest you go into more random places you never know what you may find and end up doing. We sat for a few and admired the view. I honestly was just in "Aww" the whole time and kept getting chills. It was a special moment, I feel Blessed I was able to experience and document it.

                      We then got down from the roof and did some more walking. To end this Day in SoHo I couldn't be more satisfied. Follow your passion and you WILL see magic happen when you least expect it. -Loco Jerms

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