Thursday, October 30, 2014

A bike ride out with a Loca

A few weeks ago my Home girl Amber hit me up. We didn't know exactly what to do as we discussed ideas over some tea. Later we decided to go out on a Bike ride. I later realized after riding my bike for a whole year that ive never once went out riding with ANYONE before. We rode out far and found our selves at this ditch run off for the river. I decided to get in for a swim. Honestly Best decision of my life. Thanks Amber for the fun day cant wait for the next Adventure! -Loco Jerms


Me teaching you how to Back side heel flip

                                       Tom Cat Filmed this Trick tip of me a while back and just put it up! watch it, I bet itll make you laugh or learn back side heel flips! -Loco Jerms

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tower baby Bangin with Patrick and Adrian

                         Patrick suggested that I filmed him and Adrian a bangin at the park, Sounded like a great idea to me. They came through and honestly killed it harder then I expected. Watch out for these little homies on the come up. -Loco jerms

The Brick Yard

                  The Brick yard at UNM is honestly one of my favorite places to skate. I used to hate skating flatground! I was that type of person to just throw any trick down a set and just go for it. But I didn't realize how much practicing my flat ground has benefited my skating. In the mean time during my skate sesh in this area I take my camera out and document The awesomeness that happens. Here are photos collected over a period of three months from the brick yard. Enjoy. -Loco Jerms

Wake Self New Mexico

                Honestly every thing about this video and song from the lyrics to filming just everything is SO GOOD!! I thought id share it just in case you haven't seen or heard this amazing song. This song makes me proud to be from New Mexico. Please take a view -Loco Jerms

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Foundation Skate and BBQ sesh

                     The sun was hot, there was a grill, a buncha homies,music, cameras and a skate sesh. We skated our American asses off and celebrated for no apparent reason, simply because Life is the celebration. Scroll down for some photos and also a video from The sesh!

                                          Everyones mouth was full with typical American goodies.

Michael Sanchez Kick flip Indy

Ethan Melvin Pop Shuv it

Mike Dominguez Nollie Inward heel

Ollie fakie by this beast

back disaster

Listen To The Voice Trailer

            Listen To The Voice is my first Short film I am currently working on. Over the past months I have been filming my experiences, conversations and mainly short story telling by people I meet and also know. I hope to soon be fund raising money to help set this off and have a nice big premiere at a theater. If anyone is interested in helping or being apart of this Please email me I can definitely use some more voices, minds, and hands. Thank you, please watch and share. FUCK the material World. -Loco Jerms

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Take a moment and Listen

          In this video Abraham Hicks does a speech. Now you can be like whooo Raising your vibrations. The main point is in order to get good things, Blessings and the things you desire in life is you must feel good before. Celebrate before the blessings and be transformed and Dance in the rain. Rather then complaining find simple things to be thankful for. She does a great a example of having a job you hate and rather then complaining say "Well atleast I have a Job." Things like that "Well the sun came up today and Im breathing."

"I thought id wait for my luck to turn and then id have a celebratory party, Now I understand I have to have the celebration first and then my luck turns."

Thank you Scottie

             The bricks rattled under my wheels, where I'm going I don't exactly know. It could snow or it could rain and at this point I don't even care anymore.
                           "Jeremy!" I hear off to my side at Satelite Coffee shop. Its my Good friend Scottie. If you go to Satelite you definitely know or seen Scottie around. Hes a older feller, long white hair, white beard with a STONED sense of humor. He talks to everyone and treats people very equal.

"A man who walks in righteousness is even in peace with his enemies."

       I had a seat and hung around. During that time I pulled my camera took some photos of the beautiful people we were with and did some filming for my project. There was spiritual words, magic tricks and a prison story documented. The last story was told from Scottie. As the sun was setting it was about that time for us to separate ways.
 Scottie "Hey you need any money? Are you eating ok?"
       My breath and voice became shaky because deep down I knew I could use some dollars and definitely haven't been eating so good. Im still alive so its no big deal to me honestly. He hands me a twenty and says to go get some change. Oddly enough no one would give me change so I handed him it back and said it was ok.
             I took a few steps away and he calls my name over. He reaches in his pocket and gives me the twenty saying "Here take it." Almost tearing up I give thanks and rush away to ride my skateboard as fast as I can and just cry my eyes out. I personally hate asking for help but at this moment Im realizing that I cant do this life on my own anymore and  I never have been able to, even as independent of a person I am and thrive to be.
                 I don't care if I end up homeless or have to keep eating Granola bars and bread every day. I will keep doing what I love no matter what. -Loco Jerms

Friday, October 17, 2014

DMT at Annapurnas

                  My transpiring universe is waiting on my return. Over a week ago sometime my home girl Ajna Gyptian hit me up to chill. The sky was grey and the rain kept drizzling on and off. We met up and decided to head over to Annapurnas for some tea and food.

                  As the sun was setting we decided to go outside and shoot some photos and see what kind of goodies we could come up with. She was Wearing a dope Hat and hoodie from Frenemy clothing company and some amazing flower of life leggings from Potent Life style inc. Check those out forsures!

Later on that night after we finished playing around in the streets we decided to head over to our friend Tones house to end the night and every one drank out of a cool looking cup.