Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Chats at the coffee shop

           Lately ive been catching my self at Winnings coffee shop. I mean, take your own mug, get coffee for a dollar, chat and meet amazing artists, creative and very interesting people. Today I met Chad. Now how we began to talk all started with him pointing out the birds eating a burrito.

      I really wanted to Film him talking for a movie Im working on but his knowledge of understanding life was just beyond what I could comprehend and knew I just had to listen. I cant exactly explain what we talked about either. This Mathematician genius was quite the mind reader. "This part about starting The conversation with the birds can be a page in your book." I don't know how he could see I was working on a novel. "Being a mathematician were prone to not follow any religion." Right away most people will start judging but I prefer to have a open mind. I believe we all have very valuable information to share. The word he used I cant remember but he was telling me how important releasing my inner self is. "You are a magnificent creation." Later on in the conversation he brought up how life is built on a process. Sort of like our conversation all started with some Birds eating a burrito.
"Life is more then experiences."
                 He asked "What has been the interesting parts of your day?"
      My reply "Well getting coffee, Waking up, Riding my bike, Catching the bus... I guess really all of it."
Chad- "SEE your making every moment interesting, your awake! Look around you every one is consumed with this outside world... They tell you that you have to worry about what others  and to be perfect as a matter fact that word doesn't exist....but its about who you are inside."

   Basically with out all the gnarly words that's what he said. And get this right before I was about to ask him for a photo guess what he said...."Now lets talk about the photograph." He was so sly and natural at it that it wasent even a shock. "Your taking a slice in time and freezing it, Your a 20 year old black hole on training wheels."

            As our cups of coffee and tea were coming to a end I asked him one last thing.
"Did you know we were going to meet today?"
      He paused for a moment then replied "Yes, but I didn't know it was going to be you."
We separated ways and as I was skating I Look over at a flyer on the street corner and it big white letters was the word "AWAKE" I smiled and felt the most natural high all day. A light tingling feeling on my feet as if I was hovering above the ground and a grin that gave light to the day. -Loco Jerms

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