Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Da youngstas at tower

                           About a few weeks ago I found my self shooting a few photos of the younger kids at the park. As I was shooting the photos I asked my self  "Why am I not filming them instead?" So I stopped shooting the photos and just started filming the younger kids at tower. Kids have a very special spirit, Its something we should all surround our selves with and strive to achieve to never grow up. Just like Peter Pan says "Once you grow up, you can never come back." I do feel this to be very true. I am Striving to stay a child internally because I know that will help me with my dreams and art. Age is just a number any way, your how ever old you want to feel inside so stop taking life so serious and live in the moment! -Loco Jerms

                                                           Bacon Varial Flip

     Its crazy that this kid can throw and land tre flip down stair sets..He just goes for everything!

                                                            "Can you make me a print of that?"

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