Friday, October 17, 2014

DMT at Annapurnas

                  My transpiring universe is waiting on my return. Over a week ago sometime my home girl Ajna Gyptian hit me up to chill. The sky was grey and the rain kept drizzling on and off. We met up and decided to head over to Annapurnas for some tea and food.

                  As the sun was setting we decided to go outside and shoot some photos and see what kind of goodies we could come up with. She was Wearing a dope Hat and hoodie from Frenemy clothing company and some amazing flower of life leggings from Potent Life style inc. Check those out forsures!

Later on that night after we finished playing around in the streets we decided to head over to our friend Tones house to end the night and every one drank out of a cool looking cup.


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