Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sages Camping party part 1

                    7:37 pm
                      Waiting for a friend. The sun is gone but the glow is at the edge of the west. Some where in a town called Placitas. Beautiful music (Folk version of James Brown) playing at this place called the Blades Bistro. The breeze is cool. Kazoos playing, and a honky groove. It sure has me moving while friends are kicking a hack under a white gazebo. ( some one yells "Hallelujah Amen!" in the back ground) The rest of the night from here is up hill and out into the hills where we started a fire. I slept under the stars while the coyotes (Mexican wolves) guided me as I explored the heavens where only love and light exist...enjoy -Loco Jerms

These guys were all about the hard core shieet!

We got yelled at for playing hacky sack. You can say we were the most thuggish folks to place foot in that gazebo.

"We only came for the cougars!"

We stopped to take a break as we were hiking out to the spot.

Starting fires caveman style.

Sage had his sword!

When I sleep outside and camp I like to shoot a photo of the first thing I see.

Early bird gets the last of the heat.

                                                                       Noah's jams are sharp as a sword.

 The wild horses were interested in us.

No human trails were left behind, only this stick we planted.
We got up and out early. The air was brand new and fresh. More photos from the rest of the day coming soon!

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