Saturday, October 18, 2014

Thank you Scottie

             The bricks rattled under my wheels, where I'm going I don't exactly know. It could snow or it could rain and at this point I don't even care anymore.
                           "Jeremy!" I hear off to my side at Satelite Coffee shop. Its my Good friend Scottie. If you go to Satelite you definitely know or seen Scottie around. Hes a older feller, long white hair, white beard with a STONED sense of humor. He talks to everyone and treats people very equal.

"A man who walks in righteousness is even in peace with his enemies."

       I had a seat and hung around. During that time I pulled my camera took some photos of the beautiful people we were with and did some filming for my project. There was spiritual words, magic tricks and a prison story documented. The last story was told from Scottie. As the sun was setting it was about that time for us to separate ways.
 Scottie "Hey you need any money? Are you eating ok?"
       My breath and voice became shaky because deep down I knew I could use some dollars and definitely haven't been eating so good. Im still alive so its no big deal to me honestly. He hands me a twenty and says to go get some change. Oddly enough no one would give me change so I handed him it back and said it was ok.
             I took a few steps away and he calls my name over. He reaches in his pocket and gives me the twenty saying "Here take it." Almost tearing up I give thanks and rush away to ride my skateboard as fast as I can and just cry my eyes out. I personally hate asking for help but at this moment Im realizing that I cant do this life on my own anymore and  I never have been able to, even as independent of a person I am and thrive to be.
                 I don't care if I end up homeless or have to keep eating Granola bars and bread every day. I will keep doing what I love no matter what. -Loco Jerms

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