Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Turn Visions into Reality.

              I woke up early and started messing with some photos. I ended up going through some photos from the state fair from a while back and ended up expressing emotions and my imagination into the photos. I do my best to NOT second guess my self, The first idea that pops in my head I just go with it.

As you can see the grown ups in this photo are shades of black and the children are in color. To me this expresses that the child's are alive and the adults are no longer living.

                                                     I needed to add some humor.

                                                      Heres the hint....Peter Pan.

                            This last photo has got me kind of trippen. About one year ago I had this dream. In this dream I was in this tumbling machine similar to being inside of a dryer. Every time it would make a cycle a different emotion would flash above me like, Happy, Sad, Depressed etc. The machine then stopped and I stepped out of it. I see other people getting out of them all hugging, crying and reminiscing about what we experienced. Down a ways from me there's this hall way. It is filled with the most brightest light and people are walking into it and disappearing. I woke up instantly after this happened. It was early similar to today around 6 AM. I ran outside and looked towards the sun rise and gave thanks. Coming back inside I ended up drawing a picture of what I felt onto a shirt.


                           Now over a year later I turned that dream and drawing into A photograph. It was not intended when I took this. It doesn't happen all the time and this is the second vision/drawing I have turned into a photograph. What If this is our only chance? I BEG YOU to do something meaningful and great for not only our generation but for humanity. Use your mind more, Its the most powerful weapon we have. -Loco Jerms

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