Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wandering with Bianca and Nikka

                                What if we are actually go backwards in time? "A long time ago in a galaxy far away.." Its kinda weird how it says that on star wars but everything in those movies looks futuristic, Im just saying were probably actually go back in time as we speak. So if that's true then a few days from now I meet up with my awesome friend Bianca from el cuchillo and with her is going to be her cousin Nikka!

 Bianca ends up leading us to snow. It Happens to be so so so so so so so fucken cold. 20 degrees with high gusts of wind. We run outside the car, Take as many pictures as possible, run back to the car and get warm. It turns into that sort of process.

We find some ones Tree house in hopes of it having a heater.

 No heater.....
Nikka slips all down the mountain. That snow was icy!

Then suddenly........we went into hyper light speed in a space ship and end up in a much warmer place.
"Have you seen any snakes?"

 Bianca and Nikka dance in happiness with possibly a Beatles song playing in the background, But Spotify doesn't have any Beatles songs so we hummed them in our heads.

We look up in the sky and a flock of space lions fly right past us. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Listen To The Voice Trailer #2

                Listen to the voice is a documentary based around the random people I meet and also friends who tell a variety of short stories about experiences from every emotion.
  Chuck had told two really awesome stories so I decided to pick one to save for my Documentary Listen To The Voice and use one for a teaser. If you haven't seen the first trailer I also shared it below. Please watch, share and enjoy. -Loco Jerms


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

See you Soon Minsu!

                     Today was my great and most recent friends last day in the U.S. His Name is Minsu and he's from South Korea. The most important thing ive learned from Minsu is.....How to be a international Player, Literally haha. Its so interesting to hear about other peoples life styles and experiences from other countries. We met skating at unm Brick plaza. I could tell you more of his story but even better you will get to watch it in my upcoming documentary film Listen To The Voice. I just so happened to bump into him and some of the homies today on the way to the Silver. We Celebrated and I snapped a few photos before I had to go. Also be sure to check out his Youtube channel and subscribe, He absolutely changed and Blew my perspective on what is possible on Longboards.
Hope to see you soon Man, I am blessed to have met a awesome human who I can now call a friend for the rest of my life.-Loco Jerms

"When the cops come, We drink EVERYTHING AND RUN!!!" -Minsu

I Guess you would call these BEERACINO right?

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ying yang

                          At the moment im questioning why im still awake. Exhausted and tired of working my craft all day I suppose. The amount of hours I slave and dedicate my self to what I love is insane. I work day and night whether it be taking photos, painting, sewing, writing, filming, sending emails, replying to emails, Updating my blog that I dearly love and also skateboarding. I question my self sometimes why I do what I do when I make not a single dollar for these passions....I suppose its because if I don't do them God will no longer take care of me. This is my work and how I serve humanity. That is the most important thing to me. Who reads this? I don't know but I have this Blog to share my life, My adventures, My ups and even my downs. Just wanted to let my viewers know that I passionately appreciate you so much. I couldn't do any of this with out you. -Loco Jerms

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pooling around at Silver

               If your ever on Central Unm area and are like..... "Dam I don't know what to do with my life and all I got is 4 quarters in my pocket." Just go to silver and play a game of pool. That's what we did Saturday.

"Uhh you guys are hogging the heat."
Jackson shooting to kill.
The young money cash money millionaires rich gang blood so whoop brick squad came through.

 Adam was Being a "go pro-er."

Also Silver has a new event its called freestyle Saturdays....Bring your wicked moves out front and your best beats CD. Just Kidding but yeah go kill it! good times chilling with ya'll. -Loco Jerms

Poetry at winnings coffee shop

                 Last week there was a poetry slam at Winnings. It started at 7 pm and I'm leaving my house at 7:03 pm. I show up and its packed!!! As I go up to ask to sign up I find out that there's no more room for the slam BUT there is room for the open mic only thing is I gotta perform next! I basically walked in took a breath and had to throw down. I like getting things over with any way.

           Gabrielle Jackson performed on the open mic. I decided to film her play it was amazing!
          Davonte Killed it! Check out his music at

      Mercedez Holtry Had so much power I loved it!

"They call me slut." Oh her poem was giving me chillz.

         These two were so so so GOOD and weird I loved it very much. Follow and like them on facebook

As I was taking photos I would randomly pick people to film. Esme is one of them and she was amazing! 

 Zack has so much meaning in his words. I can honestly feel exactly what hes saying. "I feel Gods Hearts beat."

Damien was the last person I chose to record and boy am I glad I picked him. Just watch the video below to see your self!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

some goodies

            This day was really random. But HEY isn't every day? me Pe Pe Tom and other homie went out skating

Pepe Came through stomping a Switch frontside big spin.

Tom cat peeping the footy.

We ended up at the rail yards to see what kind of artsy stuff we could skate. In the mean time we start noticing guys with walky talkies surrounding the building and then...

This bitch ass came to tell us to leave. I guess we were breaking the law according to them. What better Job to stop people from doing there passion and work. Thanks fuckers. -Loco Jerms

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Would you like a paper?

                   Im at the good ol evil Walmart in the back of the parking lot around 11 am. Im in the car waiting on a friend and the paper guy is right across from where we are are parked. "Good morning would you like to buy a paper?" He was waving, smiling and saying it to every single car that went buy. It didn't matter if they looked or if there windows were rolled up he just kept saying it. It was breaking my heart because no one was stopping to buy a paper! This guys passion inspired me. I had to go talk to him, Although I didn't have a dollar for a paper. His name is Steve and stands out front of the Walmart parking lot on coors and I-40. If you see him buy a fucking paper even if you don't read it. PLEASE!
-What makes you happy?
"Oh just trying to sale these papers...No one wants to buy them anymore."

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

More then you thought

                        A few weeks ago my home girl Sadge hit me up about taking some photos. We met up at unm and she told me she wanted to get some shots of this certain style of photography that I cant quiet wrap my fingers on at the moment. It was like mind trick type photos. I think!!! We then dragged this chair around that we did not use, but it sure did lead us to the spots. Follow her Journey and photography on instagram @Sadiee_Kay. -Loco Jerms