Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to develop your own style in Photography.

                           I read some where this quote that went like this.."Cameras are like ass holes, every one has one." In this day in age everyone Is a "photographer." which is cool I suppose....Its important  to document your life. The one thing im noticing about this platform called Instagram Is I see the same dam styles over and over and over....Its boring and it almost makes me hate scrolling through that shit. Whats going to make you stand out not only as a Photographer but whatever your craft is, Is being you.

                   What do you care about? What do you want people to feel when they look at your photographs? What inspires you? And Why do you take photographs?
ASK your self these questions NOW! Question everything.

        Carry your camera with you at all times (Or as much as possible atleast.) Have a open mind, Take photos of friends, family, Nature, skateboarding, Anything and everything. This will help you find what your interested in. I personally prefer people and Portraits. The main thing I have learned is that the people and things I shoot may be its last photograph. Everything is dying and any day can be your friends last day, Any day can be the last day that building is there. So document things with the passion of it never being there again. Time is always passing, Freeze moments that are important to you.

                  I can tell you this, Your style is going to develop and always change. Will you ever find it? I cant say, I maybe into to shooting skateboarding one day but who knows what in a month my photographs will look like. That's whats fun about unwrapping your gift, Is seeing what it looks like when there's no more wrapping paper.

             It is not about "Making it big." Stop taking it serious. Some days I come home with no photographs, no film and I used to beat my self up about that kind of stuff. You don't need a thousand photos a day,When it comes to sharing your work all it takes is that ONE photograph to stand out. Don't just shoot shit to shoot it, Think about it, Meditate about, Act like you only have one chance at taking It, because you basically do. Breath in, shoot, And exhale.


           My last advice is....Kill your IDOLS. I know its good to get inspiration for photos and ideas but at some point you must stop looking at there work or at least not as much. Everything you see is influencing you every day! So if your starring at So and So's work all the time your photos are going to look like his/Hers. You know what I have done personally, Unfollow a lot of photographers on the internet. Its nothing personal against there work, Its Just that its Important to do YOU! That's what is going to look good. Capture moments, Capture your life, NO ONE is in your shoes. So show off your day and the beautiful life around you. No one can do that better then you! -Loco Jerms

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