Monday, November 3, 2014

Mrs. Robinson

                  Ellen Robinson is one of the most inspiring people I have met. Age doesn't exist to this lady! I see her from time to time at the coffee shop, always with a smile hugging every one and giving friendly kisses on the cheek to people. From what I Remember she told me she's been living here in Albuquerque for quite a few years and is now staying at a old folks home. I honestly wish more old people would meet her or just people in general because she honestly is proof that you can still be young inside and be free no matter what age you are. I am so blessed to be featuring her in my upcoming film Listen To The Voice, I know it will be very special for people to see. "Its looking like the 60s here again." she mentioned in a recent conversation pointing out the artists in the area, how people dress and the way we do things basically. I'm not from the that era but it sure does sound like a good thing. Today I bumped into her and the first thing I noticed was her shirt (Shown in the photo below) Saying "Pussy Power." I Freaking loved it!!! I asked where she got it and she then explained how it is actually a shirt for woman's rights. Mrs. Robinson is a activist part of the raging grannies and sure does know how powerful her voice is. If your ever in the UNM area and see her, Tell her hello and be prepared to be inspired even by her smile. I believe she is 78 years old -Loco Jerms

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