Sunday, November 2, 2014

No poopin psilocybin in the canyon

The only moon light is the one above my eye.
I can move,
I can breath and the wind lets me be free.
Out here in a canyon dancing till the morning.
Im yawnin at the moment.
The sun is still glowing.
The fire in my heart is burning.
The stars are out keeping me safe.
I breath they breath.
My Life is the experience and Im the living for the love of my lord and savior.
The Lion let the cubs out,
Now were loving each and every one of ya.

            So I just got back from a camp trip in the San Lorenzo Canyon with my friend Chuck, Allie Jer and elle. As Im getting out of the car looking at this canyon my eyes were just amazed at the beauty of the land, Something ive never seen in person.

            The night came and we basically had our own party in the tent, The neighbors were jealous for sures! Im not one to promote drugs, In fact they suck. I did find my self eating mushrooms in my pb and J not thinking much about what I was going to feel.
Next thing I know I began to feel very heavy and almost like a drunk feeling, I didn't enjoy that part and neither did Chuck. We all found our selves back in the tent feeling very Lethargic. Lethargic- The feeling when you feel like a mushroom rooted to the ground. Sounds silly right?
As were in the tent weird Strangers keep walking by talking and asking for shit. This one guy I Didn't see his face walked by and asked if we were aliens and sounded like he was falling all over the place... The Character in the photo above is this guy Allen. He was one of the people who showed up in our tents and hung out. He was drinking out of this clear coca cola cup and my altered state of mind made whatever he was drinking looking like smoke in his cup, It was weird.
After a while I got up outside to write and watch the stars. As im Starring at the canyons and all the grooves in them all I can see is these giant faces in the rocks and when I really felt it was when I went to pee and looked at the ground.... it started moving.... I freaked out I couldn't even pee.
             One thing I Noticed was my eyes would not stay closed. Its like I was forced to see all the details around me even if it was as simple as the grooves in the tent, Everything just POPPED OUT. Eventually I took a nap and when I woke up the feeling was wearing off. In no way am I saying to go try mushrooms. Honestly id suggest you don't try any drugs. I feel better just being high off life. That's the best high you can get every day for free. Our minds are curious, you know when your mom or dad tell you don't touch the stove its hot but your not going to realize how fucking hot it is until you touch it and burn your dam hand! -Loco Jerms

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