Sunday, November 23, 2014

Poetry at winnings coffee shop

                 Last week there was a poetry slam at Winnings. It started at 7 pm and I'm leaving my house at 7:03 pm. I show up and its packed!!! As I go up to ask to sign up I find out that there's no more room for the slam BUT there is room for the open mic only thing is I gotta perform next! I basically walked in took a breath and had to throw down. I like getting things over with any way.

           Gabrielle Jackson performed on the open mic. I decided to film her play it was amazing!
          Davonte Killed it! Check out his music at

      Mercedez Holtry Had so much power I loved it!

"They call me slut." Oh her poem was giving me chillz.

         These two were so so so GOOD and weird I loved it very much. Follow and like them on facebook

As I was taking photos I would randomly pick people to film. Esme is one of them and she was amazing! 

 Zack has so much meaning in his words. I can honestly feel exactly what hes saying. "I feel Gods Hearts beat."

Damien was the last person I chose to record and boy am I glad I picked him. Just watch the video below to see your self!

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