Friday, November 7, 2014

R.I.P Oh'Ryan

                 Recently me Juan and Kirsten were on a early morning drive to the crest. You know were jamming, cruising and about to get to the top and suddenly...........BOOM!!!! I look up and theres a deer flying through the air in front of us. We hit a deer at 7 am.

                               Stopping and getting out the car quickly we are all in shock...."I just hit a fucken deer." Juan your mom is now Juan THE DEER KILLER...It was no ones fault actually. The deer was still breathing we stayed with it, Petted it and just gave our new deer friend we named Oh'Ryan comfort and as much love as possible until some one came.

Juan was getting the last pets in as Oh'Ryan was taking his last breaths. We all said our good byes.....He Took one last breath and.......Didn't close his eyes and went towards the light.

 Then These dudes showed up, They were cool but they literally just picked him up and threw him off to the side saying "There you go Bambi!"
Kirsten went to the car and then we all cried, Laughed and reminisced how great Oh'Ryan was.. It was a hard way to start the day. May Oh'Ryan rest in peace with all his other fellow deer friends in heaven. He was a beautiful deer who loved grass. -Loco Jerms

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