Wednesday, November 26, 2014

See you Soon Minsu!

                     Today was my great and most recent friends last day in the U.S. His Name is Minsu and he's from South Korea. The most important thing ive learned from Minsu is.....How to be a international Player, Literally haha. Its so interesting to hear about other peoples life styles and experiences from other countries. We met skating at unm Brick plaza. I could tell you more of his story but even better you will get to watch it in my upcoming documentary film Listen To The Voice. I just so happened to bump into him and some of the homies today on the way to the Silver. We Celebrated and I snapped a few photos before I had to go. Also be sure to check out his Youtube channel and subscribe, He absolutely changed and Blew my perspective on what is possible on Longboards.
Hope to see you soon Man, I am blessed to have met a awesome human who I can now call a friend for the rest of my life.-Loco Jerms

"When the cops come, We drink EVERYTHING AND RUN!!!" -Minsu

I Guess you would call these BEERACINO right?

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