Sunday, November 9, 2014

Skatesesh behind Silver

            Every second Sunday of the month Silver hosts a skate sesh behind the shop with live music, food, some obstacles and just a all around awesome time. Today was amazing and every one killed it!! Im blessed and very thankful to be a part of such a dope scene. Thanks to every one who came out you rock alice's socks off! -Loco Jerms

Michael bruhh wall ride back 180

                                              John Kurkowskalosowskimalie front blunt

                                                                    Kyle steezzy crook

                                        Its a back 360 indy nut grabber.

                                                  Homie Brendan Krooky monstering it.

                                                  Those guys in the back are cool.

Ray Noseblunt pull in....Then what would a Noseblunt Pullout look like??

"Uhhhhh...You guys cant be here."

They don't call him Chucky blaze it 420 for nothing.

                                        eggs and cheese throwing out a tre flip. Oh I Mean Bacon!

                                                   JamieCyea getting that High frontside flip

                                                    Marcos Loco With a Hardflip to Freak OUT!

Then a alien came and scared every one home.

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