Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wandering with Bianca and Nikka

                                What if we are actually go backwards in time? "A long time ago in a galaxy far away.." Its kinda weird how it says that on star wars but everything in those movies looks futuristic, Im just saying were probably actually go back in time as we speak. So if that's true then a few days from now I meet up with my awesome friend Bianca from el cuchillo and with her is going to be her cousin Nikka!

 Bianca ends up leading us to snow. It Happens to be so so so so so so so fucken cold. 20 degrees with high gusts of wind. We run outside the car, Take as many pictures as possible, run back to the car and get warm. It turns into that sort of process.

We find some ones Tree house in hopes of it having a heater.

 No heater.....
Nikka slips all down the mountain. That snow was icy!

Then suddenly........we went into hyper light speed in a space ship and end up in a much warmer place.
"Have you seen any snakes?"

 Bianca and Nikka dance in happiness with possibly a Beatles song playing in the background, But Spotify doesn't have any Beatles songs so we hummed them in our heads.

We look up in the sky and a flock of space lions fly right past us. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

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