Saturday, November 15, 2014

Would you like a paper?

                   Im at the good ol evil Walmart in the back of the parking lot around 11 am. Im in the car waiting on a friend and the paper guy is right across from where we are are parked. "Good morning would you like to buy a paper?" He was waving, smiling and saying it to every single car that went buy. It didn't matter if they looked or if there windows were rolled up he just kept saying it. It was breaking my heart because no one was stopping to buy a paper! This guys passion inspired me. I had to go talk to him, Although I didn't have a dollar for a paper. His name is Steve and stands out front of the Walmart parking lot on coors and I-40. If you see him buy a fucking paper even if you don't read it. PLEASE!
-What makes you happy?
"Oh just trying to sale these papers...No one wants to buy them anymore."

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