Friday, December 5, 2014

Theirs a bat stuck in my hair

                   Dreams come unexpected at night, For me every once in a while a dream will be a quick message of symbolism and i must remember it when I wake up. I'll say it over and over in my head or write down a detail real fast before I forget what happened.

                 The time seems some what in the past but also has futuristic traits that have not happened at this point in my life. A kid I photographed recently that I do not know, I played with as he seemed to be my sisters girlfriends child. We were at my first home but the insides resembled my present one. I was swinging the kid around by his arms and making him fly like superman. He may have even been a representation of my nephew now that I think about it. He pulled a paint marker out of my pocket and began to scribble on my my mothers car. My mom seen and was upset but couldn't get mad at the child. I said "let it dry it won't smear when you take it off." She went back inside. The time past after that is some what a blur. I'm inside talking to my parents and they are finishing all my sentences not letting me speak one bit.
                 "How does that make you feel that they dont let you speak?" As random as it gets it was my cousin Kirby speaking to me outside as we walked into the street. I replied "Horrible." And began to cry and hug her. Suddenly, something is flapping in my hair stuck trying to get out. I reach my hand back and say "theirs a bat stuck in my hair." And I woke up. -loco Jerms

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