Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hot Coco with a loco

                   No plan, just a few kids with cameras and some pizza on their mind. Where the night takes them......Lord knows.

Nick looking for the animal chin..."Nope Not here either guys...."

We all ended up at Giovanni's pizza place and watched Jen eat her CHEESLESS pizza.

Juan and Jen spotted this Laundromat near by in the SKETCHIEST area. I was personally scared to go in then I realized me nick and Kirsten were probably in more danger sitting in the car with all the Crack heads outside.

The face you make when you see your friend in a window.

I don't know you.

Shadow walkers.

Getting the most cinamonny hot drink at this bisch.
-Cinamonny-A drink that's hot as fuck and has a excess amount of cinnamon that it feels like your drinking dirt that tastes like cinnamon.

We walked all the way to old town to look at the christmasy shit. We then played futbol with a pumpkin and I got upset and smashed that bitch in the ground. Fun night with yall! -Loco Jerms

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