Friday, December 12, 2014

Jammin on central and Cornell

    On my way out of UNM I walk into Ruben. Ive never met or seen him but I could tell he was someone I had to meet. Were talking and im finding out that hes actually from spain and out here learning English. After a few minutes more people came together and we just jammed hard!

This is Ruben (above) He was singing in Spanish and it was beautiful!!! people couldn't help but listen or throw some money to him. Listen to his music below!


Striving showed up and dropped some amazing jams. This guy has a voice and knows how to use it!

These two were AWESOME! Thanks for letting me draw on your Christmas card :)

The Vibe was beautiful. The sun went down, I said my good byes and looked back at them as I was skating away and realized how beautiful life is when you actually live it. -Loco Jerms

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