Friday, December 26, 2014

Silver Skate shop food review #2 Limonata

                      A few days ago im skating on my way for some coffee and possibly a bite to eat. Skating along silver ave. I always see these sort of random cafes and such in the neighborhood. They stand out because there next to houses and not like your average business area. I see this sign that says "BEST coffee In town" and I was like hmmm interesting. I thought about it and decided to take a step into Limonata for a taste and critiquing.

As soon as I stepped into this place I definitely felt a great friendly vibe. There is lots of open space to sit and a good amount of art to stare at especially on the outside as you walk to the front door. I was a little confused at first which door to go into theres about four doors surrounding the place.

For less then 7 dollars I got me a Vegetarian breakfast burrito (Served all day) and a cup of dark roast coffee. The one thing I found interesting about the area to put your cream and sugar was that there was no sugar? All I seen was sweetener and honey. I don't know If that was on purpose but I decided to put honey in my coffee and.......IT WAS DELICIOUS! The burrito came in about 10 or so minutes. It had a crunch and was so good honestly. At first I was deceived by the size of the burrito thinking "Im gonna eat this in three bites and still be hungry." But I took my time eating and by the last few bites I was Full!! This burrito came with Eggs, Cheese, potatoes and green chile. I liked the way they toasted the tortilla that's what made it good.

when I have my own home one day I want my bathroom just like that!! No more showers though I guess?? Or maybe shower with the plants!

Im going to Give Limonata four and a broken in half board out of five skateboards for this review. Overall it was a great environment, The food was very good and yes I agree some good coffee. I haven't tried enough coffee spots in town yet to say its the best but very good. Next time I will have to try there Cripes! Limonata is located on the corner of Silver and Wellesley in the Nob hill area of Albuquerque, NM.  -Loco Jerms


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