Monday, December 8, 2014

silver skate shop food review

      Us at silver skate shop sure do love our food maybe so much that we decided to start critiquing our meals. You can considers us Foodies. A foodie is someone who is always trying different restaurant and new types of food . We are some what foodies but also have our spots of choice. Gravy is a new restaurant on the side of central and elm st. across from the creepy hotel. We didn't know what kind of food it was or anything about it so we bit the bullet to take the risk.

  We were sat down fairly quick and right of way were given glasses of water with lemon. Our first order was the Macaroni cheese balls. Just finishing the batch of them Nicole says "We should get another one." And a few seconds later there walking up giving us a extra one for free. They were delicious I could probably eat a lot more then what they put on the plate just saying though, there too good to just eat one or two.

Everything from the roof, to the lights, Walls, and seating were very interesting and artistic. It was eye pleasing. The sinks in the bathroom were very fun as well some design I have never seen in my life. It really threw me off when I went to put my hand under to wash my hands and the water started flowing out the top.


The food came and we grubbed down. Mines took the longest though for some reason but it doesn't bother me. I cant recall the name of what I got but it was a salad with it pita and humus. I enjoyed it but they could probably add more salad to make up for the amount of humus they added or more pita. OR maybe im just a fat kid. It was very good.

Gravy is a definition of a modern day dinner on route 66. Everyone else seemed to be satisfied with their food. Only thing was there was no apple pie shakes. The lighting is quiet dim in there as well. Other then that it was great. We are going to give Gravy a three out of five skateboards. We aint playing no games on the food critic business. "Were working the bugs out." I hope that doesn't mean they had a insect problem. -Loco Jerms

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