Friday, December 19, 2014


Each day of the crazy life of mines I go into it with a open mind. If some thing happens, cool if not much happens that's cool to atleast the suns shinning somewhere. (I aint no news reporter though)Today I was walking down central and I see this guy with a big ass blanket walking and I thought "That guy must be warm!" I seen his face and it was a old friend I met on the bus "Suicide"
I followed and talked with him for a few to catch up. Some times I catch people in very emotional states and it can be something crazy to experience....One thing ill say about this guy is that he's got a sense of humor and jokes on deck! I see everybody as a person whether there in a suit and tie or walking around with their homes on their back. One thing I've noticed as talking to the ones who stay outside is there emotional balance. ITS LIKE A DAM ROLLER COASTER! One moment laughing, Next crying, next Angry, then laughing, then sad its just fucking crazy to watch all those emotions happen in a matter of just Minutes.

Suicide pulled out a bottle of vodka from one side of his jacket and a bottle of Rum from the other side offering me a drink (I declined of course). Later on in the conversation he said he was going to kill him self tonight. I personally don't know what to say to that and honestly I know hes going to be just fine. Your probably reading this and wondering why I didn't call the cops but sometimes you gotta let it be, we all make our own decisions.

At one moment he held on to me crying saying "please tell people to help me get my medication." over and over.
                      By the end of the conversation he was laughing and joking around about his tagging (First picture shown). He also showed me this bone popping out on his leg claiming the cops hit him! I cant say if this true or not. I asked if it hurt and he replied "I don't Feel nothing."
I seen him later on in the day on my way home and he was sleeping on a bench. For some reason I didn't worry and knew everything was going to be alright. -loco jerms

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