Wednesday, December 24, 2014

three block sesh and such

             This was the day after I got gnarly sick. I decided to catch the bus, get a tea and go for a walk to free my mind up from that depressing box. I was feeling like shit and was starting to wonder if should've even been outside. Then I ran into the homies Alex Paz, Joe, Dean, Michael and L.A's Finest Alex haha! There sesh totally made me feel so much better. The energy and joy these dudes got inspired me for sures. Thanks for the good times yall!

Can this be a Tenth Muse Ad Rashaun??


Elijah Duran dropping the back biggie smalls spin.

Joe Kickflipped so high it made me wanna slap my mama.

Michael Rodriguez Wallie over the blocks!

Dean filming the celebrations.

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