Saturday, January 31, 2015

Shooting with some UNM students

              Sometimes I wish I was in school, But then I realize why I chose to stop going. The other day I bumped into Shane and Taylor as they were out shooting photos for there photography class at UNM. I decided to tag along as there topic of taking photos of strangers got my interest (One of the many things I enjoy shooting.) Theres something that changes in your mind and confidence when you talk and shoot photos of strangers. Its all about GOING for it and not second guessing...You never know who your going to meet and what new friends you can make. p.s. not everyone is a stranger. -Loco Jerms

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Some random things in LA

                     You know those things that just catch your eye sometimes?? maybe its the color of a wall, a random sticker you notice on a pole, the way a tree is bent. The list can go on im sure. Usually there are some things that catch my eye that I feel like other people wont understand or get. I wont put any captions on these photos and ill make you guess what I was looking at when I took these photos. If you can guess them all correct and put a comment ill give you some art. Deal?

      One more thing im sick of seeing all these people only into to Photography to get "Famous" or get likes that shit is wack and OLD!!!! your photos all look the same and I see nothing artistic or meaningful in them. Im not hating but take meaningful photographs that are special to you, not just what gets likes or looks cool. Ill tell you one thing, it gets old! Likes get old and instagram does to. I use it because its a good platform but has fucked up the way we use photographs. Instant Gratification, Scrolling down a grave yard of photos. I do what I do because I LOVE it and I want to share my most memorable moments with the world so it can inspire others to get off there ass and LIVE. Its not about the money honeys, its about passion. -Loco Jerms

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

People of Silver #2

                          Yesterday I see this little old guy on a walker starring in the window for a few minutes at some shoes and eventually he decided to come in. This Locos name is "Pee Wee." Why all the old school cholos been coming in?? I don't know but there usually cool. Pee wee was telling me that some guys just tried to punk him behind frontier for his rings!! "They wanted to see them and they walked away saying it was theres now!" Pee wee then told me he pulled out his gun and said "What now mother fucker better give me my rings back!" Im telling you pee wee could barely walk and the guys gave him his ring back then pee wee said to them "Let me see your watch!" and he punked those fools for there watch! He was a real mellow guy and couldn't stop talking about his wife and daughter. I enjoy listening to old timers. Pee Wee is OG as fuck.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some clothes from Happy Loco

              Ill tell you a bit about happy.. Its a art project, self expression and a movement. Happy lives in a trash can, he paints, makes clothes and lives a simple life. Usually the clothes he makes are recycled and one of a kind!!! This guy refuses to live the standard that this society forces us to live and that is......Get a Job, make as much money as possible, Spend and spend, Consume all just to feel good about our selves. This guy is more interested in doing some thing meaningful for you and me. Happy wants you to know that its all about following your dreams!! Following your Heart and most importantly........Whatever makes you happy. This could be heaven or this could be our only life....Who really knows?? So that is why Happy wants to share every single gift and talent he has to offer with the world. I am Happy........internally and its a choice. -Loco Jerms

hand made hat and Painted sweater by happy. "We make shit when we feel like it."
Model- Mariah @Babycornn Instagram

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A few photos from the transworld awards

                 How we came about the Transworld awards night was absolutely random. Long story short we showed up to the Berrics in hopes of a sesh but got denied. Not knowing where to go we decided to go for a late night skate around downtown Los Angeles. Passing By the Theater we see TONS of pros outside looking all fancy like some sort of Hollywood event. Me and a few homies decided to go skate, film and shoot photos while the rest of the group went inside. Rumor has it Chucky Blazed it with STEVIE WILLIAMS out back but you didn't hear it from me..... After our sesh we showed back to the theater and I seen Erik ellignton walk out and I said his name really awkwardly quiet as he passed me. Hes one of my favorites so you know. I get a text from Nicole as were waiting outside and she says GZA is about to perform!! If your unfamiliar that's GZA from THE WU TANG CLAN!!! I got my shit and walked right in....For free and got front row. That's a example of Doing the right thing. -Loco Jerms

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Silver in LA

 Oh man so here it is. A recent trip out to LA with Silver squad. Words cant describe how blessed I am to be apart of something so amazing. I Documented the trip and also got some skating in as well. More Photos to come from this trip as well. My favorite part was every moment of it especially sleeping in the van. enjoy -Loco Jerms

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Out Bowling with the homies

              You know I cant tell you exactly who won but the highest score on the screen at some point was by Mike Hunt (Giggles) This night was super random and I just wanted to also thanks for the invite!!! Me, Kirsten, Jen, Chris, Juan, Jacob and Jacob I feel like the whole bowling alley was also with us as well just saying. I snapped a few photos from the fun and some how we ended up at waffle house at midnight. Last words??  "If you take one of the O's out of Good its God add a D to evil its the Devil." -Tupac

I think Chris was all leaned out aye!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

People who come into to Silver

                    Over the time ive been working at Silver there has always been interesting people who come in from time to time. Whether they be really weird, funny, unique, awkward you name it they have walked through that door!! Why?? I don't know maybe they can sense the good vibes and love. Anyways I recently started taking photos of the people and wanted to share the first one today.
            His name is JOKER. Ohrale ay! Home boy walked in looking around asking questions then insisted on a game of pool. So we played pool and I kid you not this guy went first and knocked every single ball in his first try except the 8 ball!!!!! I never seen anyone that good at pool in my life. He even claimed to have not played in a while. As we were playing he said was in the back alley looking for some where to drink his beer and ended up walking by seeing the pool table. On Monday I was walking on central and I hear some one yell "Jeremy!!" It was Joker!! He ran out of where he was eating just to say hi and he'll be back to play some pool soon. It made me feel BLESSED.

"Ill have to bring my wife by sometime, she don't drink so she would like this place."

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Agenda TradeShow

                      This was my very first time attending Agenda. Ive always heard and seen it all over videos and the internet. All I knew was it had some thing to do with people, clothes and skateboarding. From my new point of view agenda is a place where people from all over the world meet up show their brands, hang out, drink, Show off their fashionable outfits, Lots of Egos and lots of really awesome people. Its a good balance. The First day we landed in LA we headed down to the Long Beach convention center to attend. These photos are from two days at Agenda, I was very picky where and who I pointed my camera. So scroll down and enjoy.

Michael Bruhh wants to challenge Snoop dogg and see who can smoke the most dabs.

Emo Getting all blazed.

Jamie didn't complain once crutching it that first day but I could see it in his eyes he was about to pass out!!

Mike and Nick just found a gnarly spot up the street hint Collin Provost blunt slide in brainwash.

The Krown  

Did you stand in front of that green truck on purpose freedom??

I Met this guy who also paints on jackets and other awesome stuff!  His name is kid super check his stuff out at Thanks for the advice man.

Peter Smolik was probably the coolest person there for sure!!!

I saw Kerol pass by once but she was a bit far from me and I thought it would be cool to get a photo of her. Then I look up and there she was! Shes from Milan Italy and was one of many friendly people that I met there. Check her brand out at

Thanks for the boards homies!!

Larelle Gray and Brandon turner had me, Chucky and Jamies back when the security was hating on us. Eventually the Security was following and kicked us out!!! They claimed Chucky was too young to be there towards the end. They asked Chucky "Wheres your mom?" he replied "In Albuquerque." oh boy did that look bad!!!!!! They were about to take Chucky away but then Nicole came and saved us. Fuck the security guards there seriously.

I cant remember this homies name but he approached me and claimed to recognize me from some where in California. Maybe I have a long lost twin there?? 

Van Styles giving autographs and stuff.

This guy was like "Yo I ride for BLVD you want a autograph." I got a photo instead.