Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Agenda TradeShow

                      This was my very first time attending Agenda. Ive always heard and seen it all over videos and the internet. All I knew was it had some thing to do with people, clothes and skateboarding. From my new point of view agenda is a place where people from all over the world meet up show their brands, hang out, drink, Show off their fashionable outfits, Lots of Egos and lots of really awesome people. Its a good balance. The First day we landed in LA we headed down to the Long Beach convention center to attend. These photos are from two days at Agenda, I was very picky where and who I pointed my camera. So scroll down and enjoy.

Michael Bruhh wants to challenge Snoop dogg and see who can smoke the most dabs.

Emo Getting all blazed.

Jamie didn't complain once crutching it that first day but I could see it in his eyes he was about to pass out!!

Mike and Nick just found a gnarly spot up the street hint Collin Provost blunt slide in brainwash.

The Krown  

Did you stand in front of that green truck on purpose freedom??

I Met this guy who also paints on jackets and other awesome stuff!  His name is kid super check his stuff out at www.kidsuper.com Thanks for the advice man.

Peter Smolik was probably the coolest person there for sure!!!

I saw Kerol pass by once but she was a bit far from me and I thought it would be cool to get a photo of her. Then I look up and there she was! Shes from Milan Italy and was one of many friendly people that I met there. Check her brand out at www.Keroldapparel.com

Thanks for the boards homies!!

Larelle Gray and Brandon turner had me, Chucky and Jamies back when the security was hating on us. Eventually the Security was following and kicked us out!!! They claimed Chucky was too young to be there towards the end. They asked Chucky "Wheres your mom?" he replied "In Albuquerque." oh boy did that look bad!!!!!! They were about to take Chucky away but then Nicole came and saved us. Fuck the security guards there seriously.

I cant remember this homies name but he approached me and claimed to recognize me from some where in California. Maybe I have a long lost twin there?? 

Van Styles giving autographs and stuff.

This guy was like "Yo I ride for BLVD you want a autograph." I got a photo instead.

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