Tuesday, January 27, 2015

People of Silver #2

                          Yesterday I see this little old guy on a walker starring in the window for a few minutes at some shoes and eventually he decided to come in. This Locos name is "Pee Wee." Why all the old school cholos been coming in?? I don't know but there usually cool. Pee wee was telling me that some guys just tried to punk him behind frontier for his rings!! "They wanted to see them and they walked away saying it was theres now!" Pee wee then told me he pulled out his gun and said "What now mother fucker better give me my rings back!" Im telling you pee wee could barely walk and the guys gave him his ring back then pee wee said to them "Let me see your watch!" and he punked those fools for there watch! He was a real mellow guy and couldn't stop talking about his wife and daughter. I enjoy listening to old timers. Pee Wee is OG as fuck.

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