Wednesday, January 14, 2015

People who come into to Silver

                    Over the time ive been working at Silver there has always been interesting people who come in from time to time. Whether they be really weird, funny, unique, awkward you name it they have walked through that door!! Why?? I don't know maybe they can sense the good vibes and love. Anyways I recently started taking photos of the people and wanted to share the first one today.
            His name is JOKER. Ohrale ay! Home boy walked in looking around asking questions then insisted on a game of pool. So we played pool and I kid you not this guy went first and knocked every single ball in his first try except the 8 ball!!!!! I never seen anyone that good at pool in my life. He even claimed to have not played in a while. As we were playing he said was in the back alley looking for some where to drink his beer and ended up walking by seeing the pool table. On Monday I was walking on central and I hear some one yell "Jeremy!!" It was Joker!! He ran out of where he was eating just to say hi and he'll be back to play some pool soon. It made me feel BLESSED.

"Ill have to bring my wife by sometime, she don't drink so she would like this place."

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