Saturday, January 3, 2015

Photo Set with Clara Franke

                This set of photo is from two months ago. Pretty crazy and random how it all happened! I was at silver skating in the front and I see some friends I recognize. It happened to be Sadge and Clara! I decided to join them and we ended up at the rail yards. I found this to be one of the most interesting sets of photos I've shot simply because Clara was doing Belay. I really love to capture people in their natural elements or just doing what they love! Passion inspires me and makes me want to do my best when I take photos of someone who is doing what they love. As time passed I sat on these photos and let them marinate with time. It hit me one random day to ask Clara to do a interview after watching some of her youtube videos (The quality is so good) her also being a blogger, videographer and photographer really got my attention. Enjoy the video interview and photo set. -Loco Jerms


Here are the links to Claras Youtube and blog. Definitely check them out.

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