Friday, January 2, 2015

Slver Skate Shop Food Review #3

I decided to give E.F Chinese restaurant a review. I have eaten there twice before but have always found it a very interesting place. You could call it a hole in the wall for sures because you can hardly spot it hiding in a little corner. You walk in and feel a very calm presence almost like your at home. Maybe because it seems to be ran by a family and not some corporate Pigs.

Im a dog.

I enjoy the whole setting of everything with the pictures and red clothes on the table. Its quiet simple, Although I think they should move those boxes out of the picture.

I cant quite recall the name of the soups but they come with those fry's that are actually little chips you know what I'm talking about right?? I had one bite just to try and it was heart warming.
This panel surrounds the walls. Food reviews aren't just about the food its EVERYTHING even the bathroom. All I gotta say is you walk down this creepy hall, open this random door (Feels like a matrix movie scene) and walk into the coldest room where the bathrooms are. "That's where they store the meat." Only kidding around.
     I ordered Fried rice with vegetables. The amount of food you get is insane, Im pretty sure your supposed to share but I didn't. The name of that sauce must be called "Caliente" or something because it was hot!!! I liked it. At the end of the meal I couldn't even finish half of my plate so to go boxes are a must which made for a good lunch actually right now!

The waiter brings you your fortune cookies at the end of the meal on a little plate its pretty cool. They are so friendly there and everybody says bye and waves to you when you leave. They are good people. E.F. Chinese food is going to get Three and a half broken skate boards for this review. They are located on 3250 Coors Blvd. in Albuquerque NM.

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